Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome To Sisters & Co.! ...where shabby is beautiful

It's a Good Year at the little shop!

 We just brought in a host of new items for your liking and I know better than to post on the day that we are open because the items you see may be gone by the time I am done with this blog so please forgive me and as I blog I am keeping in touch with my mom and niece Brittany (whom most of you know now) on what has sold.  I will be sure to note "Sold" on any pictures I post today. From what my husband told me it's another wild and crazy day at the shop and literally items are flying off the shelf and we have only been open a few short hours  I know that's sounds so cliche but it's true!.....  So having said that......Let's see what all the Hollubaloo is all about! 

Let's take a look outside and then we'll take a peek have a seat!

"Dan" Sold 03/21/2013 

 Unique piece! So creative! And yes, I name all of our big furniture pieces!  I know I know.............
Goodbye Dan!

Windows , old doors, and columns from old houses from times past... It's creative season!

We have sold quite a few of these!  Come and get them while we still have some!  Great for gardens,
climbing vines, headboards etc.

 Beautiful Wrought Iron Bed! In your home or as a garden bed!



We have a little bit for everyone!
Now let's have a peek inside!  Climb aboard the Sisters & Co. mobile and I'll show you around!
Come on in!
Shabby as Shabby ever was!
Meet "Priscilla"!
 Lovely!.......  My husband does an incredible job painting these pieces.  He has a real gift!
One Of A Kind Piece!
You will find that here at Sisters & Co.
...where shabby is beautiful!!!
Vintage Blouse
Now here is an interesting piece (not painted by my husband)
It is a child's dresser and mirror. 
And Rare!
 Beautiful in a pink shabby distress! 
Note:  Those beautiful lamps sold yesterday.
Vintage Accessories

Chandeliers for all of your decorating desires!
Spring Is Here!!!! At Sisters & Co.
Cool Spring Linen Blouses
My Shabby Girl  
Meet "Georgette"  (Buffet) 
This is an awesome buffet painted in a Duck Egg color customized by my husband!
Shabby Cottage, Shabby Victorian, Shabby French Country

Farm House and Antique Furniture!

I hope you have enjoyed the ride!  There is something for everyone at Sisters & Co. and I do mean everyone because we have alot of gentlmen come in and buy plenty of old farm tools, tin wash buckets and cool antique car lights etc.  So don't be shy gentlemen!

We're gonna unload some more goodies for you all to be creative with!

So please come and visit us at Sisters & Co.

...where shabby is beautiful

This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it!"

Tootles for now! May the Lord Bless you all!


Special Note:  I removed most sold items.  Though some items pictured may have been purchased in the last hour.