Friday, December 6, 2013

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  ...where shabby is beautiful

Baubles And Beads

Love these frames in a shabby decor!

Little tidbits to decorate with and bring elegance to any home.

Turn this old shabby couch into lovely decor and a great conversation piece!

Oh Soo Shabby and quite beautiful!


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...where shabby is beautiful

God Bless You All!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Are You Bored?

Well....Why Not Stop By Sisters & Co.?
Where A Trip To The Past Begins When You Come Up The Driveway!
You Never Know What You Will Find At Sisters & Co.     
Vintage Plates
                                    Refreshing Vintage Decor!

     New Items Coming In Each Week!  
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mothers Day is just around the corner!
Come on in to buy her a special gift!
I am dedicating this blog to my mom!
My mom was a huge inspiration to me growing up.
She taught me how to sew amongst other things and instilled the importance of taking good care of all the things that I had.
She gave me her Tony Doll when I was about eight years old and I still have her.  This was the beginning of a very beautiful doll collection.
Antiquing was the thing to do on a Saturday morning in my home.  My mom taught me to appreciate the things from the past and I do very dearly.
My mom always wore beautiful vintage clothing and had many beautiful things to look at on her dresser like pearl necklaces. perfume bottles, beautiful curios and folk art purses.
My mom spent alot of time with me growing up and I love her for that!
My mom was pretty hip!  And still is!
Stop by and say hello to her at Sisters & Co. her name is Meredith!
Love You Mom!!
Lovely Doll
Meet "Georgie Boy"
I love this piece!
Whites And Golds With
Fringe And All Kinds Of Shabbiness Going On Here
This Is Alot Of What I Have In My Home....I Just Love The Deep Reds And Royal Blues!  Very Victorian!
I Think She Is Beautiful And Very Humble
A Special Mothers Day Month Display When You Enter The Shop
Pink Glass Reminds Me Of Pink Lemonade!   Yum!
Another Beautiful Dollie
The Mantiques are in!!!
My husband has done a great job with this!
We saw the need as many gentleman would walk in and then quickly walk out leaving there wives in the decided to go hunting for Mantinques and make a special room for you to shop or window shop.
We hope you like it!
Cool Stuff!


                                    Old Soda Bottles.........A Trip To The Past!
These are going pretty quick!  They are very old Texas Plates

Scales, Old Bottles, Fishing Equipment etc.

We will be bringing in more Mantiques as the days go by!
God Bless You All!   And Thank You for Shopping at Sisters & Co.
                                  ...where shabby is beautiful